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The woman's line of Stark naked jeans was established in november 2004 by husband and wife team Andrea Cappelli and Rachel Stark-Cappelli, distributed by their company EXCENTRIX s.r.l., with a sales philosophy of presenting four ranges per year offering clients the advantage of always having new, fresh, innovative ideas.

Being based both out of Florence, Italy and Miami, Florida, has given designer Rachel Stark-Cappelli both the appreciation and intensity for the "all american denim jean" along with the culture, creativity and passion for detail that comes from living 15 years in Florence, Italy.

In using new, rich materials such as their signature medevil florentine steel mesh as well as other types of metallic knits along with the newest ideas in washes and stitching techniques, Stark naked has created a collection of "couture denim" true to it's roots. Their logo of a silhouette of the back of a naked woman along with the their name identifies Stark naked Jeans intended for the sexy woman without inhibitions but at the same time, elegant.

Stark naked has included a minimum touch of t-shirts, jackets and sweatshirts to compliment the base of our collection. A small mens collection will be coming out in january 2006, keeping the sexy theme of Stark naked with a maschuline touch.

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